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- The name "Adema" came from the word "Edema", which is a word relating to a skin disease. The band decided it would be cool to change it from E to A.

- Marky is Jonathan Davis from Korn's half brother.

- Tim Fluckey is Uncle to KoRn's guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer.

- All the members from Adema have been in other bands except Marky.

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- All the band members have tatoos.

- Each member also has ADEMA tatooed on their wrist.

- Tim Fluckey (guitarist) is 6 "10".

- They have a song called "Shattered" which can be only found on the Japanese Import of "ADEMA".

- The band is from Bakersfeild, CA.

- There are demo versions of "Everyone", "Blow It Away" and "Pain Inside" available. They sound slighty different from the ones on the album.

- ADEMA was formed in 2000.

- All the members of ADEMA are from Bakersfield, CA except for Tim Fluckey who is from Illinois

- ADEMA had to pull out of a few Projekt: Revolution dates due to a "family emergency."

- ADEMA had to pull out of a few Music as a Weapon dates due to a death in one of the band member's families.

- I don't know why ADEMA is spelled with all capital letters.