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Taken from and interview with Mark Chavez at
// Everyone // you know people are always trying to put their shit on other people, you know, make it somebody else’s fault. They can just turn around and look in the mirror and realize that it’s them.

// Blow it Away // is about an addiction I had with drugs over a girl, its like I was, it was the stupid part of my life, I was pissed off at everything. I’d just graduated high school and that song was kind of like retelling the story of what was going on in my life.

// Giving In // probably one of the most spiritual matters on the record. It’s about everyone having impulses and acting on them sometimes gets you into trouble. And that’s what that whole song is, it’s about giving in to your personal demons and realizing it and trying to do something about it.

// Freaking Out // its about high school and you’re trying to fit and people are; kids are mean and shit and a lot of people feel alienated and taken aback and that song is pretty much about that.

// The Way You Like It // That’s like my laugh back at all those people, like ha ha I’m here I’m doing what I wanna do. I don’t have to deal with that anymore.

// Close Friends // A real close friend of mine stole my girlfriend from me. That’s what that song is about; it’s about being betrayed by two people you love.

// Do What You Want to Do // that’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s about me not listening to anyone tell me how to live my life or try to get me to do things I don’t wanna do.

// Skin // its about the struggle between two people wanting to be together and not being able to because of the differences and opinions and ideas of the way relationships should work.

// Pain Inside // is about religion and stuff; it’s about people trying to push ideas and thoughts onto you, tell you that you’re wrong, you’re going to hell cuz you don’t go to church and you need to save yourself.

// Speculum // is about losing a child actually an abortion. Somebody in the band, I won’t say who but one of boys in the band had his girlfriend, she was pregnant with his kid and didn’t even tell him and had an abortion and he found out about it after. It’s not putting all the blame on a women, because there is a part in the chorus that goes "If I would have known, I can’t say what I would’ve done". Its kind of like a serious song, kind of a tribute to that.

// Drowning // That’s about all the people I hate in the world, that’s very self-explanatory, what I’d love to do with them.

// Trust // is about pointing the finger back on myself and apologizing for being a prick in some of my relationships I had in the past.


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