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Adema is the name of the band that Kris Kohls joined after leaving Videodrone. Recently I kidnapped him, tied him to a gigantic dartboard, and asked him questions about the band. Although edited for content and coherency, these are his answers. Woo woo 'n' stuff. :) : D'you still have the copy of that license plate we gave you oh-so-long ago?
Kris: of course. It's in my car. So, what've you been up to besides all this Adema stuff?
Kris: That is it. ADEMA consumes my life, i love it. All I know about adema is that you're in it. Tell me everything else!
Kris: We rock! Well, with you in the band, that's guaranteed.
Kris: We're on Arista Records (Santana, Pink, Whitney Houston). We went through what they call a bidding war. Me and Marky spent a week in NY trying to find the right label. Why'd you guys choose Arista?
Kris: They are amazing in every way. We are priority #1 at the label. Who is in the band besides you? like their actual names?
Kris: Marky Chavez, Dave DeRoo, Tim Fluckey and Mike Ransom. Who does what?
Kris: Mike guitar, Tim guitar, Marky vocals, Dave bass. so, where are you?
Kris: Shaver Lake. Oh. Are you guys recording 'n' stuff?
Kris: Yeah, we're writing. We start recording on the 5th of January.

A t this point kris' pet badger exploded, so he had Mikey, guitarist for Adema, finish up our little interview. Hi mikey. How's your spleen?
Mikey: My spleen is doing fabulous, thanks for askin! So, tell me some funny things Kris has done lately.
Mikey: Oh shit....he does funny shit all DAY! I know! He's totally insane. But I haven't seen him in MONTHS, so tell me stuff.
Mikey: Crazy shit that Kris does is something I totally take for granted so it's hard for me to think of shit that's out of the ordinary for him.

Silence ... crickets chirping

Mikey: Did you ever hear about him tattooing his armpits? What?! WHAT? he did WHAT?
Mikey: He has TWO gigantic tribal triangles tattooed to his pits... FUCKING SICK. Whoa. Imagining that makes mine hurt!
Mikey: Imagine him, he passed out a few times from the pain alone... but you know Kris, he doesn't give a mad fuck! So, tell me how you guys hooked up with Kris. Tell me about Adema!
Mikey: As crazy as Kris is, there is no one in the world I would rather play with, for reals. That's cool. You both sound so excited about this, I'm getting all jazzed-up for this band now.
Mikey: Everyone is pretty excited. All we want to do is make music that we all, as a band, believe in. And I love all of it. by the way, the way we all hooked up with Kris is a pretty trippy story. Gonna tell me? Or just being a heartless tease?
Mikey: We fired our drummer 7 days before we did the demo (that got us signed) and so we called him, he checked out the tunes and was as stoked as us.

And then I got totally distracted by Kasee, so Kirston finished the interview with Mr. Mikey. Yay! [To promote the band should I] get nekkid and run around Phoenix with a big ADEMA tattoo?
Mikey: I think ANYTHING you do naked in the name of adema is KICK ASS! Do you kick ass?
Mikey: Kick ass at what? everything... music... kung fu... pick something and tell me you kick ass at it!
Mikey: I'm a guitar player and I write a lot of the music and since God gave me that gift it would be blasphemous for me to say that I'm not bad as fuck at that. Well then.
mikey: I'm just kidding...I've been playing music for a really long time so if I wasn't good by now than I'd be a total loser!

Now, our interview probably would've continued if that damn alien space-ship hadn't landed outside. Kris and Mikey are now earth's ambassadors to the planet neptune. Let's just hope they get home in time to start recording on schedule! ;)

Adema will be touring sometime in 2001.
The album should be out sometime in May, so I assume there'll be a summer tour.
For even less info, and to join the Adema street team: doens't have shit up on the band. Boo. Hiss. :)