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// SCORE MAGAZINE (2) //    
As many individuals celebrated days off and the Martin Luther King Day holiday, I took to the phone to talk with Adema's Kris Kohls. Calling from Canada, on a pre-show afternoon, I had to hit Kris up for a Quickie. Afterall, everyone has to have a Quickie with a Siren once in their lifetime, right?

What is your definition of 'happiness'?

Kris goes intellectual on me, "Longevity. My definition of happiness is doing what you love to do, and being able to do it successfully and for a long period of time. I think happiness comes with hard work. If there's something you love and it makes you happy, it's probably going to come at a price- you have to just keep at it. Longevity is the key; don't give up on anything."

What is your guilty pleasure?

With the enthusiasm of any gamer, Kris answers, "Video games."

Who would play you in the film version of your life?

Kris laughs, "I like that."

"I was going to say Brad Pitt, but that's a little too...What's the guy's name? He was in Scream and he was the guy that works at the video store. Jaimie something, he has his own show now. Something about his personality would work to play me, I think he'd be good at it. He'd have to get a bunch of fake tattoos on his arm and dye his hair black, but he could do it!"

As we struggled to figure out who, exactly, Kris was attempting to name, he offered an alternate solution, "Tommy Lee". Post-interview, Scream proficionado, Siren Jaimie, patched in the missing information: Jamie Kennedy.

What was your first kiss like?

Like the airhead I am, I entirely forget to ask Kris this question. Sorry, folks.

What's the one question you've always wanted to be asked, but never were?

Again, Kris laughs, and quips, "What sign are you?"

Laughing myself, I have to ask.

Still laughing, his answer is, "A Taurus." That means the month of May, my little astrologist hopefuls.