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// ROCK RAGE //    
One of the most talked about and anticipated albums of this year comes from Adema. On August 23rd, Rockrage was able to get a hold of Mark Chavez, the frontman for the Bakersfield, CA quintet, and talk with him about the band and the buzz surrounding them, performing, writing, and more.

Rockrage: I got a chance to catch you guys performing; I believe it was this past monday, on 'Craig Kilborn'. Is more nerve wrecking to perform on national television opposed to doing concerts?

Mark: You know what was weird? That kind of shit didn't even dawn on me. What it was though was you go in there and it looks, I mean from what you see on tv and it looks huge in there right? It's tiny. It's like a tiny ass little stage and I have giants in my band.

Rockrage: Yeah, especially dave [bassist Dave DeRoo]. Dave's a big guy.

Mark: Dave's a big giant and so is Tim. Tim, the guitar player with the dreads, he's like 6'10". So, you know, what we were mainly nervous about is you walk in and it's this like, It's a mixed audience. you know what I mean? And at first they're clapping, you know, 'cause they have the cue stuff and they're clapping, but you know what? Once we finished playing that song ["Giving In," off their self-titled debut], they applauded afterwards and it was like deafening loud in there. they were like really excited and I can see that they were like stoked to be able to watch the performance.

Rockrage: You guys were also scheduled to play the first U.S. version of England's 'Reading Festival.' But that got cancelled.

Mark: Yeah. That sucked, 'cause I was really looking forward to [it]. I guess some players didn't come to the party, so. you know what I mean. It wasn't able to go through.

Rockrage: The band, in one way or another, pretty much [everyone] is associated with Jonathon Davis of Korn, who is your older half brother. But also I think dave and tim have played with him in the band sexart.

Mark: Dave played with him in SexArt. Tim wasn't in any of those bands. Tim and Dave came out of a band called Juice. That was after SexArt.

Rockrage: Okay, and then Kris Kohls, your drummer, was in Videodrone. They did some work with Jonathon.

Mark: Yeah. They did some stuff with him. Our association with korn has only come out of rumor and stuff like that. It had nothing to do with, you know, our record deal or anything like that 'cause we're on two opposite labels. You know, we're not tied in with the firm, which is their label, their management company, and all that. We're not tied in with that at all, you know, but people want to talk about it 'cause it gives them something to write about or talk about…we didn't come up with, it wasn't something that we considered on, played on to further our success. You know what I mean? The rumor got out and it just started this buzz about, you know "oh his younger brother's band blah blah blah," you know? But we had never planned to use that like a marketing tool or anything like I said, it just kind of came out. it is what it is. You know what I mean? But our record just came out and we're having good sales. Things are going good. So it's showing me that my songs [are] impacting on radio, as well as television now with, you know, the 'Late Show' and we also did ESPN X-Games.

Rockrage: There were a number of different labels bidding to sign you guys.

Mark: Yeah. We made a demo that was pretty good and I gave it to one of my one of my a&r friends and that just kind of started a buzz, or like a rumor, and it just came up.