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Keith: First of all, about the new album. Do you have a title or release date set?

Adema: The album is going to be self-titled and we are looking at a late july or early august release.

Keith: What about guest appearances? Jon Davis was rumored to contribute.

Adema: We have no guest appearances, and no offense to bands that do that but we really want to stand on our own... JD and the rest of Korn have proven themselves to millions that they are legit and believe what they express in their music, we are lucky to have that chance.

Keith: Do you have tour plans for the future, and with what bands?

Adema: Right now we are mixing the album and rehearsing for an upcoming tour and we are really excited...we will be touring before the album comes out and the dates will be posted at and we will keep Keith up to date the meantime we will be playin' w/Linkin Park on april 16 at the Palladium in Hollywood chekitout..

Keith: Members of Adema have played in other Bakersfield bands: SexArt, Juice, Cradle of Thorns/Videodrone (all of these bands having connections to Jon Davis). Has it been frustrating to see KoRn rise to stardom, while your former bands never achieved that level of success?

Adema: Actually it's the opposite, when a band makes it that huge and is so close to home you can learn what's right and what's wrong to do in a band, like workin' hard and not bitin' off others. Also you get that feelin' "if they can do it you can do it" and it pushes you. we aren't stupid either, we will never try to fool anyone or insult our fans intelligence, it's a foot in the door, what we do with it is on us.

Keith: What are your biggest influences?

Adema: We all grew up with a lot of bands, we all love heavy shit, older metallica, pantera, slayer, korn, even motley crue, GNR, shit like that... we also grew up liking melodic stuff like U2, janes addiction, maybe some cure, it's good to listen to all music and take it for what it's worth but that's not sayin' buy up some n'sync and try to rock out to it, we still wanna scare our moms Keith: What bands are you currently listening to?

Adema: We are on that p-roach wagon we have known those guys for a couple of years and they are some hard workin' mofos....insolence is dope, Desi, LP, all kinds of shit, Fluk bought the new Pantera and he keeps playin' it for us (enuff already)...(fluk: eat a dick) we also check out unsigned bands too.

Keith: Finally, what is your mission in Adema? What can we expect in the years to come?

Adema: Our mission is to tour as much as we can and earn the respect of every fan....we want to work hard and be around for a long time and we never are gonna be something we are not.... we will tour nonstop for a couple of years and and put out as many cd's as we can and keep on tourin'... we are lucky too be here and we will always be approachable and ready to party and have a good time with all who our down....