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Adema is the newest band coming out of Baskersfield, California - home of Korn. there are family ties, as Adema frontman Mark Chavez is the younger half brother of Korn leader Jonathan Davis. drummer Kris Kohls was in Videodrone, whose debut album was released on Korn's elementree label and produced by bassist Fieldy. But their ties with Korn end there, as Kohls and Chavez tell us. [Kris Kohls] "i just personally think the music will speak for itself. You know, I mean of course there's gonna be that kind of you know... shadow or whatever. But you know, I think the music will over-shine everything." [Mark Chavez] "You know, I hear that stuff... you know, a lot but that doesn't have anything to do with what we do. You know, we're not on their record label or you know, that whole thing. I don't think we have one song on the record that sounds like any oftheir songs." Adema performs in Baltimore, Maryland tomorrow.