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// KERRANG (2) //    
Adema's Mark Chavez looks nothing like his older half-brother, Jonathan Davis of Korn. None of those fur coats, straggly moustaches, and wild dreadlocks for him. No, this Chavez bloke has a lean and fit body and short, black hair. Best of all, he's got an engaging attitude. As his band roar into their first song, he's already screaming at the crowd to "get up, get up!" the audience, primed for tonight's appearance of headliners Linkin Park, is moving enthusiastically from the first few seconds.

True, Adema don't have a completely unfamiliar sound. They cook from a straightforward rap-rock recipe, throwing in moments of alien ant farm-styled mellowness, backed by a heavy rhythm section anchored by former Videodrone drummer Kris Kohls. Adema's music is augmented by unobtrusive samples and loops, and while an occasional tuneless moment creeps in, these are still early days for this five-piece, whose album is released in august.

Whatever the result of this support slot, fans here won't quickly forget Adema. Chavez works the crowd like a man who's long been waiting for his spotlight to arrive. He doesn't sing like his older brother, though he does, at times, affect a slight whine that quickly proves his lineage. one vocal line in particular bears a close resemblance to that of Korn's 'A.D.I.D.A.S.' and, occasionally, Chavez lapses into that annoying faux-british accent that Orgy's jay gordon finds so appealing. ugh.

"I am giving in to you..." goes the refrain to one of Adema's most heartfelt melodies, and while the hall's bad acoustics swallow the details, the band's lyrics appear to dwell on the positive without descending into 'poor abused me'-styled heretics. The six song set ends quickly, with the band confidently plugging the imminent release of their record. Adema's debut might not make quite the impact of Chavez' brother's first album, but who's to say that a new wave of youngsters from Bakersfield can't play 'Follow The Leader'?