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// KERRANG (1) //    
Adema, the band featuring Korn frontman Jonathan Davis' half-brother, are set to release their debut album in america this summer. Beside Davis' relation, singer Marky Chavez, the band also features drummer Kris Kohls, an ex-member of Videodrone, who released their debut album on Korn's elementree imprint in 1999. Speaking exclusively to kerrang, Marky Chavez weighs up the pros and cons of having one of nu-metal's biggest stars as a family member. "well, people can be suspicious to start with," he says. "but once the kids see us doing our shit onstage, they can see we're for real. of course it's helped people to hear about us, and it's always the first thing people know about Adema, but that soon goes away once they see us play." Adema have just finished work on their self-titled debut album which will be released in the us on august 21. kerrang has heard the album and we can confirm that the band sound like a highly melodic cross between Korn, orgy, and linkin park. no wonder, then, that Adema look like being nu-metal's next big thing. a first single, 'giving in', is currently receiving rotation from rock radio stations in america. "it's so cool, man," says Chavez. we're touring the states right now with staind and cold, and the kids are going crazy. they already know the words to our songs and we don't even have a record out yet!" no uk release has been scheduled for Adema's debut album so far, but Chavez is looking forward to bringing his band to europe as soon as possible. "I just can't wait to get over there," he froths. "I know the kids are going to like what we do. our music is like a collage of all these different sounds, but basically we're a rock band, man. that's what we're all about." big brother Jonathan Davis is currently in the studio with Korn in phoenix, arizona, working on the band's fifth studio album with producer michael beinhorn. the as-yet untitled follow-up to 1999's 'issues' album is currently scheduled for a release on november 19 through epic.